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So…. You are pregnant. Well, first of all congratulations.

I bet you have many questions and perhaps even a few concerns.

Thank you for coming to my site - it will certainly answer a few of those questions

and if it doesn't please don't hesitate to call me; I'm always happy to chat.

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There are a few very important things I want you to realise, one is that the majority of women are perfectly designed to have babies, creation made sure of that. Humanity didn’t survive for millions of years by chance. Secondly, have faith in yourself and trust your intuition and inner wisdom. Thirdly, make sure you only listen to positive people and stories, this includes your medical care givers.

It is your right to have control over your own pregnancy and birth and have your baby as gently and naturally as possible.

If you are terrified about giving birth or just interested in having a more natural birth? You may want to consider one or two of the classes below


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